Make More Disciples: Our Services

Church Growth starts with a strategic plan for evangelism and discipleship.

Teach your church to share their faith

Evangelism Training

We will help you train your church members to invest in evangelistic relationships and to share their faith in natural ways, removing the fear and discomfort that most believers have about their role in evangelism.  

We will coach you, the pastor, through a process of developing a corporate outreach strategy that supports the evangelism efforts of your church members.

Get people connected in your church

Church Assimilation

Every new person who visits your church is in a different place on the faith spectrum. Everyone is looking to have a different need met. How well do you assess those needs and what strategies do you have in place to get people connected?  

We will work together to evaluate your current strategies to determine what is working and what needs to be better developed. Our goal is to help move people from "curious" to "committed," growing as a fruit-bearing disciple of Jesus.

How to help your church grow in their faith

Discipleship Pathway

Disciples of Jesus will not grow to maturity by osmosis. Being connected in spiritual community is a great start but not a means to an end.

Our coaching strategy will walk you through a process of developing a discipleship pathway that will make it clear for your church members how they can grow, which "next steps" to take in their relationship with Jesus, and will enable you to develop new, future leaders for your church.  

Develop a plan to reach more people in your community

Church Outreach Strategy

The church has been called to make disciples. Do you have a plan for that? We will help you develop an annual plan for outreach activities and events that make it easy for your church members to participate. We will work on details of the calendar, the budget and volunteer requirements to ensure that you can effectively reach more people in your community with the gospel.

Optimize your church website to reach more people

Digital Outreach Consulting

It is highly unlikely that anyone will ever walk through your church's physical front door without first peering through your digital windows. Your website and social media presence is your first impression for the people in your community who may be seeking a church.  

We will help you ensure that your first impression is a great impression and that people searching can find you.  

Get a coach to help you turn your church around

Church Revitalization Coaching

Is your church stuck, stagnant or in decline? We can help you prepare your church for a season of pregressive improvement that will give you a new and hopeful future. We will coach you through a process of re-envisioning your church to make maximum impact in your community by making and growing disciples of Jesus. 

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