5 Things to Help Your Church Reach More People at Easter

Bart Blair

Easter is the Super Bowl for churches - it's the biggest Sunday of the year and a huge opportunity to reach people who don't normally attend. As Easter approaches, what can your church do to make the most of this special season?

Here are 5 proven tips to help your church connect with more people this Easter:

1. Promote Your Easter Events on Google

One of the easiest ways to reach people in your local community is through your Google Business Profile. Every church should have one, and you can use yours to promote upcoming Easter events at your church. 

Go to the “ADD UPDATE” tab and select “ADD EVENT.” Add all the key details - date, time, location, description, etc. This will showcase your event listings when people search for local Easter happenings on Google. It’s free and gives your events a lot more visibility!

Pro Tip: Promote all your major outreach events this way, not just Easter. The more you use your GBP, the more Google will reward you in local searches. 

2. Use Event Registration Platforms

Many churches host special events around Easter, spring flings, egg hunts, festivals or weekend services. Make sure to create Eventbrite or AllEvents listings so people can RSVP.

This serves a dual purpose - it gets your events visibility in local event searches, and you can collect names/emails of attendees for follow-up. 

Take it a step further by having people bring their tickets to church for a prize drawing. This verifies who actually showed up from your event promotion. Now you can continue nurturing relationships with those new families!

3. Use Your Email List

Email marketing remains an effective way to promote events and share valuable content. Segment your lists between members/regular attenders and community contacts. 

For members, equip them to personally invite friends and neighbors to an Easter service. Maybe include a digital invite card as an attachment. 

For your community contacts, create an engaging email sequence focused specifically on your Easter events. Share testimonies, behind-the-scenes videos, devotionals, relevant articles, etc over 5-6 weeks. This shows you care about them beyond just event promotion.

4. Equip People with Invite Cards

This may sound obvious, but one of the best ways to promote an Easter service is empowering your own members to invite someone personally. That simple ask - “Hey, want to join me at my church on Easter Sunday?” - goes a long way when it comes from a friend or co-worker.

So print invite cards with key event details and a QR code to your church website. Make them easy to pass on. Set a goal for each regular attender to invite one new person/family this Easter. Think of the collective impact that could make!

5. Run Paid Ads

Finally, support all these organic efforts by running paid ads on social media and Google. This amplifies your message and exposure for those who may not have a personal connection to your church.  

I recommend Google Display Network first to reach the widest local audience, combined with Facebook/Instagram ads targeted to your ideal demographics. If budget allows, Google Search ads are great too when people look for “church” or “Easter service near me.”

Just remember - all ad clicks should lead to a customized Easter landing page, not just your homepage. Use graphics and video to make it inviting, highlight key details for first-time guests, and include lead magnets or event registration options. This page is your new visitors’ first impression - make it count!

Final Thoughts

There you have it - 5 proven tips to help your church connect with more people this Easter season. Just don’t wait until the last minute! Start planning and promoting now while you have time to execute well. 

Easter is all about hope and new life in Christ. Whether through invite cards, events, or online ads, leverage every opportunity to effectively share with people the Good News we celebrate.

If you need any help with website design, digital advertising, email marketing or overall Easter promotion, don’t hesitate to reach out. I’d love to connect and discuss ideas tailored for your church. Now let’s go make a Kingdom impact this Easter!

Bart Blair Church Growth Strategist

About the Author

Bart Blair is the founder of Make More Discisples. He has more than 20 years in corporate, church and non-profit leadership experience. Bart lives in Texas where he serves as a Church Growth Consultant and Strategist.